InfantsGingerbread House Daycare Center offers child care for children ages 6 weeks to 18 months in our infant center. The infant centers hours are 6:00am - 11:30pm Monday through Saturday.

In these classrooms our youngest children have their own space where they may explore in a space that is both warm, safe and inviting. Here parents and caregivers work together to create an environment that works best for your individual child.

Each child is assigned to a primary caregiver who will update parents with real time activities, pictures, videos and 2 way messages allowing parents to feel engaged and informed. Children in the infant program are separated into two groups. Our smaller infants belong to our Little Lolly's classroom. This room is for little ones who are still on 2 naps a day and not yet exploring the world. Here extra care is given to ensure the daily need of our youngest are met as they begin to develop their own muscle strength with tummy time and learning how to crawl and walk.

Children who are over 12/18 months are assigned to our Gumdrops Classroom. Here our movers and shakers may engage in a room that is build for young children who love to explore the world around them. The Gumdrop children are able to walk and take 1 nap per day. Our outdoor space is their playground as they begin to explore and learn how to make new friends.

Both of the infant classrooms are comprised of 4 main areas. Our cozy area is where soft toys and padded flooring are placed for little ones to cuddle up and enjoy some snuggle time. Our exploration area where children may crawl or play with age appropriate puzzles and toys. Our dramatic play area where your child may play with pretend food and dress up in fun clothing. Finally, our nap room where they may recharge in their own crib/ cot.

The infant gross motor room has mats ensuring your little one has a safe yet active space. There are dozens of bikes and cars for little ones to ride. Small slides for our older infants to climb.

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