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About PlayPLAY builds a sense of personal power. Years of self directed satisfying play at home and at school teaches a child that he or she can plan, make decisions, control and create.

PLAY enables children to build social relationships, experience facets of personality and come to terms with emotionally difficult situations.

PLAY builds a base of experience with which is the foundation of competence. The richer the play experience n terms of situations, people, objects, sounds, sights, etc., the richer the potential for association and expression. Fantasy play is important to forming this base of experience.

PLAY teaches children to value differences. Children come to see through play the natural diversity in what others think, do, and make. These differences become part of the richness of play need not be feared.

PLAY like nothing else builds confidence. Play encourages the spontaneous use of energy, the experiencing of speed, agility, balance, expression, a sense of direction and orientation and the sheer joy of physical well being.

PLAY enables a child to find his or her own powers of concentration. The finding of focus that is based within the self- the source of motivation and self discipline. This development stands in sharp contrast to the behavior of children who have become heavily dependent on strutting by adults and to watching tv.

PLAY develops the spirit of curiosity, that desire to find out about thing for the satisfaction of it rather than in response to others demands.

PLAY is the Heart of rejuvenation; of finding a freshness a renewal in the midst of life situations, a sense of being able to mess around with ideas, paint, housework.

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